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Beekeeping - A fascinating hobby and occupation

Honey is one of the most popular ancient food that is known for its nutrient and medicinal value. 

Sadly the modern world has lost out to commercial sugary syrups and artificial flavors. Even honey is not spared, as most of the honey sold commercially is not in pure original form.

The early European settlers introduced honey bees to North America and now honey bees are responsible for almost 2/3 of crop production in North America.

Honey is mentioned 61 times in the Bible, so honey must have been very popular during biblical period both spiritually as well as for health benefits.

Beekeeping is an art as well as science, those who love nature and healthy food, it is a fascinating hobby and an opportunity to live through and understand bees and nature.

Below are some pictures of beekeeping equipments used during olden days and modern equipments that are being used by apiaries.