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Go Green

With the advancement of science and technology, human race has made vast  progress in life, where now sky is no longer the limit.

As we become partakers of industrial advancement, our minds are captivated on commercial and personal success, that we have forgotten the effects or consequence this will have on human relationship and environment.

We believe it is time to balance our lifestyle with nature, and engage in environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions.

Our mission is to demonstrate to the people that human societies can live harmoniously with nature, by protecting the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations.

We have identified two areas where homeowners, builders and farmers can contribute positively to our environment.

  • Renewable Energy
  • Rain Water Harvesting

Renewable Energy

The Sun is an incredibly large source of energy. Homeowners and builders can harness the power of the sun either through photovoltaic technology or thermal technology. By moving to solar energy, we save the earth from ecological imbalance and pollution contributed by coal mining, oil and gas industries.

Rain Water Harvesting

The practice of rainwater harvesting dates back to our ancestors but got lost in industrial revolution. Lot of regions, are facing acute water problems due to pollution, deforestation, draught etc

Only 1% of the planet’s water is fresh, and only about half of that amount is actually available as the moisture that keeps all life processes on Earth functioning. 

Buildings and homes can catch rainwater by installing rainwater-harvesting systems and use this water for daily consumption or during the time of water shortages. This way one can avoid wasting supply of fresh water that falls on one’s property and help improve the global water cycle.

As an environment friendly organization, English Shepherd (ES) provides consultancy services on renewable energy and rain water harvesting to home owners using Canadian technology in India, Africa, Middle East and Canada.

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