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Key Learnings from Coronavirus Pandemic

As the entire world is firefighting to contain coronavirus pandemic and scientists and research facilities are diligently working to find a vaccine, there are few learnings that we as individuals, societies, corporates and governments can take from this crisis.
As usual when it comes to viral epidemics, the public and government approach is reactive rather than proactive. In the past, the world has experienced a series of virus outbreaks that are contagion from Swine flu, Avian flu,SARS, MERS, Ebola and other streams of viruses that could be fatal.
With so many past learnings on pandemic and epidemic prone diseases, as proactive measure, governments should have allotted large amount of funds to research facilities to study the genetic code and evolution of viruses and their potential danger to humans and animals. These studies can prepare the governments to improve and upgrade health care facilities and assist research labs to develop vaccines much faster.
Further, the least that governments and business communities could have done was to improve the quality of life of masses and stop construction of buildings and industries that cause environmental damage and pollution.
Licensing of industries that manufacture products that could potentially be harmful to human health or damaging environment should be stopped. Trading and slaughtering of exotic animals for meat should be banned in all countries.
Human greed has encroached upon natural habitation of plant, animals, communities and water bodies.
With cross border movement of people, goods and services, rising population, lack of affordable housing, rising slums and homelessness, pandemic diseases will be difficult to manage and contain. Think of people living in small houses or rooms where 10 to 15 of them stay? Think of people living in slums? How can one self isolate?
It is time for people and societies to introspect on the following:
Do we need to own more than what is necessary?
Do we need to own more than 2 houses and cars?
Do we need big houses where the family size is 2plus2?
Do we need a speculative market?
Do we need to buy products that are not necessary for living or have no utility value?
Do we need to hoard?
Think of the poor people in the world who have remained poor because some people out there want to own everything!!!

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