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About Consultancy


English Shepherd provides Consultancy services to Food & Beverage Manufacturers in developing Preventive Control Plan (PCP)  /  Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Plan (HACCP) for licensing from CFIA and FDA.

English Shepherd also provides management consultancy to corporates and businesses by partnering with them to drive cost saving measures and other value added services.

Our areas of expertize:

  1. Food Safety and Compliance Programs (Canada / USA)
  2. Safe Food for Canadians - Preventive Control Plan (PCP) 
  3. Product recall process (Canada / USA)
  4. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Plan (HACCP)
  5. Risk Management and Controls ( Financial, Operational, Environmental)
  6. Accounting and Financial Reporting
  7. Compliance and Forensic Audit
  8. Balance Sheet Reviews and Account Reconciliations
  9. Temporary Back Fill for Senior Finance Personnel (UAE)
  10. Assistance in designing trademark logo and registration of trademark in Canada.
  11. Property Management (India)
  12. Rain Water Harvesting (India)

We are highly experienced finance and audit professionals, conversant with FMCG, Oil & Gas, Banking and Construction industries to provide leadership on control environment and operational processes to ensure compliance with applicable company policies, laws and regulations.

We also assist in designing trademark logo and registration of trademark with Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO)


  • Successfully developed and implemented written programs on environmental controls, manufacturing controls, sanitation program and product recall program for Matperud Apiary Inc at Elmvale, Ontario, Canada.

  • Developed Preventive Control Plan and written programs on Food Safety Controls for Toronto Bee Rescue - Amaranth, Ontario, Canada.
  • Developed HACCP for FDA approval for importing and distribution of orange juice in the US for Champorange.


  • Led a project team of 10 members to develop business process for returnable packaging for a major US multinational company. 

  • Led task force to develop operating and financial polices for a multinational company in South Africa to strengthen internal controls.

  • Partnered with various stakeholders to set up Trust to support South African government program BBBEE.

  • Member of project team for implementation of SAP for a large US joint venture in Middle East

  • Developed and executed various productivity initiatives to improve company cash flow for large companies.

Contact Information

John Castelino

Phone: +1 416 988 3257 

Phone UAE +971 50 7956735

Phone India: +91 734 9704351

Website: https://www.englishshepherd.in/consultancy

Email: info@englishshepherd.in

Email: englishshepherd1@gmail.com